- To see the whole community filled with spiritual growth and God’s message.

- To inspire children to achieve their God-given potential.

- To provide hope and a future to orphans and homeless children through education and sharing the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.


To save future generations by:

- Ensuring all children have equal opportunities for education.

- Preaching and proclaiming the word of God.

- Developing the child’s natural talents.

- Helping them develop vocational skills through agriculture. 

Core Values: 

We believe:

- All people are created by God.

- We are accountable to God for preparing, raising, and shaping future generations to fear and serve God in their community and throughout the world.

- Children are tomorrow’s teachers. 


Develop the children’s social, economic, educational, and spiritual skills and talents by: 

- Reaching children with the love of Jesus at school, home, and social centers to help children have a healthy home life and stay in school.

- Teaching children to be helpful to the communities where they live through community-based activities.

- Building a healthy relationship between the school and the children.

- Helping children get involved in social and educational activities that prepare them to become adults.

- Teaching children the dangers associated with smoking, alcohol & dropping out of school.

School Background

Triumphant was started by Triumphant Church in 2001 under the leadership of Mr. Sseggingo and Pastor Kagwisagye William. The school began with fifteen students and had only three classes (Daycare, Kindergarten, and First Grade). The church had a temporary structure made of mud, reeds, and timber that served as classrooms. Children studied in the various corners of the church. In addition, a church member allowed the school to operate on his land.

Students traveled long distances, often causing them to arrive late or be marked absent. The rainy season made travel difficult due to flooded roads. The area is primarily a pastoral community that does not prioritize educating children which was the purpose and motive for starting Triumphant Advanced School.

Set Free Ministries became involved with the school in October of 2015. Shortly after, the school moved to a new location and set up permanent classes. With the help of Set Free Ministries, Triumphant has provided students with discipleship materials, paid teachers steady salaries, and now conducts classes in permanent buildings.

The Impact Made in the Community through Triumphant:

- Many children in the community are now in school, unlike before.

- One former student completed a degree in Education from Makarere University.

- One girl has secured a job in the district.

- Others are pursuing courses in nursing, nursery teaching, and secondary school education.

School Enrollment

- Triumphant is composed of eleven qualified Christian teachers with five men and six women.

- Student enrollment includes 225 total students; 106 boys and 119 girls.

Difference Between Triumphant and Other Schools

- Triumphant is a Christian school.

- Jesus is the center of everything.

- Christian teachers.

- Discipleship motivated by the Great Commission

Other Services Offered

In addition to education and spiritual growth, Triumphant Primary School also teaches vocational skills through agriculture and the application of improved farming methods (ex:mulching, crop rotation, terracing, etc).

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