Vision: To provide quality education to the younger generations.

Mission: To raise up God-fearing children.

Motto: “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”

Core Values:

- Lead children to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

- Offer guidance and counseling to orphans and vulnerable children traumatized by experiences of war, killings, neglects, and all the forms of violence

- Provide a secure, loving, and supportive environment that enhances children’s growth and development through relationships and the knowledge of God.

- Winning souls for Christ.


The school is located in a region where there are very few well-educated citizens due to the lack of funds and insurgencies. When cattle were raided by a rebel group, it became very difficult for parents to educate their children because this was the main source of income. The aftermath lowered the education standards of the community because some children became orphans and left to parent their families

This area had a government school but children were not performing well. Some students would repeat the same classes for more than three years. A pastor in the community was burdened by the students' failing grades. He and others in the community felt the solution was to open a private school under the Uganda Christian Fellowship Mission (UCFM). The main purpose was to bring up morally, spiritually, and academically responsible children. Uganda Christian Fellowship Mission held a meeting with the members in 2011, strategized a plan to open a school. They named it “Christ The Answer (CTA) nursery & primary school”. The school was named Christ the Answer because of how the community trusted Jesus to provide resources when it felt like there was no hope. In 2012, the school and nursery were started. In 2013, many people in the community asked CTA to open other classes, this led to additional classes added. 

Set Free Ministries Involvement:

In 2015, Set Free Ministries (SFM) came to the area for a Freedom in Christ training. The SFM team visited Christ the Answer. During this time, the building structures were grass thatched classrooms and teachers had very low salaries. Set Free Ministries partnered with the school shortly after. 

Set Free Has: 

- Given CTA spiritual guidance; giving spiritual materials to both the children and teachers

- Purchased land

- Built classrooms

- Given teachers higher salaries

- Helped feed children and given first aid.

- Installed water tanks

- Provided exam papers

- Gifted laptops for the school

- Offered P.7 teachers training

Both the school and the church have been greatly impacted. The water tank to the church has helped during conferences and meetings along with reducing water costs for the school. These water tanks also helped the community more during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Set free Ministries helped with some standard operating procedures needed for the re-opening of primary seven. When the COVID inspectors visited CTA, they appreciated the amount of requirements met and praised God that SFM helped CTA continue to pay the teachers through the tragic moments of COVID-19. The pandemic affected all the schools and many were unable to continue paying their teachers during the shutdowns.


- Preaching of the Gospel

- Training teachers on discipleship under Freedom in Christ.

- Strong academic teaching 

Impact of Christ the Answer in the Community

- The majority of the children and teachers have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

- The children's morals have greatly improved

- Many of the teachers have testified to receiving Christ after joining CTA. 

Healthcare for CTA Students Includes:

- Quality care of students

- All students are fed at school

- Students are cared for when they get sick

- Students are given first aid before taking them to their homes for more medical attention.

- Children are visited at their homes when issues arise

- Teachers support students physically and emotionally




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